Orange, yellow, pink, and purple colors at sunrise extend to the east of the Cathedral.
Orange, yellow, pink, and purple colors at sunrise extend to the east of the Cathedral.

A Cathedral For The Future

Our goal is as simple as it is audacious:
Renew the Cathedral to help heal the world.
Our Progress $143M of $150 Million
The gothic Cathedral's limestone architecture glows in the late afternoon sun in front of a blue sky.

The Campaign for Washington National Cathedral

Campaign Priorities

National Treasure

Fully restored, equipped and reenergized, this Cathedral building can promote transformative encounters with architecture, artistry and everything that happens here.
The Cathedral's west towers are seen through the north porch's limestone arches.
From the highest point in our nation’s capital, Washington National Cathedral stands as holy ground—a safe space and a refuge consecrated by generations of prayers, tears and joys. It is also a symbol of human aspiration and our common journey. In stone, stained glass and sacred fabric, this masterpiece depicts the story of God’s people and the American people. More About This Priority
Be part of a legacy of builders

Budget constraints have prevented us from completing extensive earthquake repair and restoration work and other capital improvements. To preserve this treasure for future generations, we must shore up the Cathedral’s physical and financial foundations.

A House of Prayer For All People

As this Cathedral begins a second century of ministry, we seek to elevate our music and worship offerings so that we can connect with and sustain the faith of wider audiences in person and online.
Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith shakes hands with a woman after a worship service.
Music and worship are the heartbeat of daily life at the Cathedral. Our varied and compelling spiritual offerings are designed to support personal faith journeys and encourage connection within and across faith communities. Here, this community includes our resident congregation, our thriving virtual congregation, and all those for whom the Cathedral helps them grow in the love of God. More About This Priority
Carry our faith forward

Budget constraints have limited our ability to enhance and expand our worship and music offerings. We seek to build the capacity required to minister to our growing community. Now it is our turn to respond to the moment and sustain the traditions of excellence that have been entrusted to us.


Where Sacred Meets Civic

From its unique perspective at the intersection where sacred meets civic, this Cathedral can help heal our nation and our world through conversation, encounter, action and reconciliation.
Panelists sit before the Cathedral's high altar as an audience watches in the foreground.
Washington National Cathedral embodies our country’s most cherished values and the ideals to which we all aspire: decency, respect, moral leadership and civic engagement. But this Cathedral is not just a symbol. It is a national community of thinkers and doers, enlivened by compassion and following a call to address the brokenness of our times. Through gatherings large and small, we help shine the light of the gospel on the issues facing our nation and our faith. More About This Priority
Help Change Hearts and Minds

Budget constraints have limited our ability to expand programming and outreach that can bring people together. Today, we must fulfill our responsibility to minister across a divided culture that often leaves us wanting something more, something better.

The south end of the Cathedral with a blue sky and garden in the foreground.

Partner With Us in this Fulfilling Work

Make your commitment
Your gift can ensure a future that reflects the many ways in which Washington National Cathedral touches lives: as a National Treasure, as a House of Prayer for All People and as the place Where Sacred Meets Civic. Donate