The Cathedral College of Faith & Culture

Through your generosity, you can play a role in making the new Cathedral College of Faith & Culture an innovative and collaborative environment where both lay and ordained leaders engage in spiritual growth, leadership development, innovative thinking, moral conversation and interfaith dialogue.

Veterans Ministries

The Cathedral is uniquely equipped to serve as a spiritual refuge for those who have taken an oath of service to our country, especially when they return home and need a place of healing. Your support can enable expansion of programs and retreats that address the care and spiritual well-being of our veterans, active-duty service members, caregivers, military families and chaplains.

Interfaith Dialogue

We seek to lead the way in providing meaningful interfaith encounters and modeling the way of compassion. Your gift can provide a pathway for incorporating the wisdom and gifts of other traditions into our special services and programs and collaborating with interfaith partners, while staying true to our Episcopal identity.

Social Justice and Moral Witness

In order to more fully serve as the hands and feet of Christ in our world, the Cathedral is expanding our partnerships to be an agent for change. Your support will help us change the community we call home by changing the lives of local families and children in need of food, shelter, clothing and education. With your help, we will expand our Cathedral Scholars Program, which offers mentorship and academic resources to promising students from D.C. public high schools. We uphold the gospel’s message of human dignity, speaking out against gun violence and injustice, and amplifying the voices of immigrants, refugees and the poor and marginalized.