Orange, yellow, pink, and purple colors at sunrise extend to the east of the Cathedral.
Orange, yellow, pink, and purple colors at sunrise extend to the east of the Cathedral.

A Cathedral For The Future

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Campaign Update from Dean Randy Hollerith

Campaign Priorities

Earthquake Repairs

Thanks to supporters across the country, the Cathedral is close to raising total resources to completely fund earthquake repairs.
Earthquake repairs concern the very fabric of this incredible building. Now, after 13 years of steady work, we’re so close to funding the entire earthquake restoration and preservation project and caring friends like you have made it possible. learn more
campaign priorities Earthquake Repairs
Help Finish the Earthquake Repairs

Budget constraints have prevented completion of extensive earthquake repair and restoration work, impacting the very fabric of the Cathedral —a historic landmark but also a living, breathing church and the home of our nationwide ministry. Thanks to a generous match from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., all gifts to earthquake repairs will be doubled until November 1, 2024.


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Organ Renovation

After 85 years of daily use, nearly a third of the Great Organ is unplayable. Thanks to generous donors, a multi-year renovation project is currently underway.
Nearly a third of the Great Organ is unplayable and the only solution is a complete overhaul and renovation. The multi-year renovation project will retain and repurpose the best of the original design while employing technology to make the organ easier to maintain. Learn More
Campaign Priorities Organ Renovation
help renovate the great organ

The fully-renovated organ will be more powerful with a reconfigured network of pipes to project out into the nave and two identical consoles – one in the Great Choir, and another on the Cathedral floor. A lead donor’s transformative gift has already inspired more generosity, but we still need your support to finish the job and restore the voice of the Cathedral.


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Nave Audio System

Now more than 15 years old, the Cathedral’s audio system was not designed to handle our current needs or this unique space.
The Cathedral plans to bring our aging audio system up to date to ensure everyone can fully participate in all offerings—including worship services, concerts and programming events—both in-person and online. Learn More
Campaign Priorities Audio Upgrades
Help upgrade our audio

The upgraded audio system will better serve this unique space, addressing sound delays and reverberations. Since the Cathedral is an historic space, no physical alterations for acoustics are permissible. Instead, strategic microphone placement, enhanced mixing capabilities, and more speakers that can focus sound directly to listeners will all be key to this upgrade.


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Day-to-Day Operations

Since launching this campaign in 2019, the generosity of donors has transformed our work in ways we could never have imagined.
While we work to fund priority capital projects, we remain focused on sustainable funding for ongoing operations and on building the next generation of supporters who will help us truly be a cathedral for the future. Learn More
Campaign Priorities Day-to-Day Operations
Support Your Cathedral

In order to maintain all the ways the Cathedral serves God and our neighbors as agents of reconciliation, as a trusted voice of moral leadership, and as a sacred space where the country gathers during moments of national significance, we will continue to rely on the generosity of our donors to fund the day-to-day costs of our ministries long after the campaign ends.


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The south end of the Cathedral with a blue sky and garden in the foreground.

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