A comprehensive campaign includes funding needs for every aspect of Cathedral life – operating, capital and endowment. For this $150 million campaign, we have identified three pillars for which we are requesting support—the Cathedral as a:

  • National Treasure (Core Needs Related to our Buildings)
  • House of Prayer for All People (Core Ministries of Worship & Music)
  • Space where the Sacred Meets the Civic (Programmatic Work & Outreach)

At the heart of the A Cathedral for the Future campaign is funding for sustained operations (Annual Operating, Capital Needs and Endowment Funds). All annual gifts that have been received since 2019 have supported this campaign and it is this year-over-year giving that inspires such confidence in the continued success of this campaign.

The goal of this five-year, comprehensive campaign is $150 million. To date, the Cathedral has raised more than $115 million in support of campaign initiatives.

Our comprehensive campaign includes funding for every aspect of Cathedral life: operating, capital and endowment. For this $150 million campaign, we have identified three pillars for which we are requesting support. Specific to the earthquake repairs, is the Cathedral as a National Treasure. With funds raised by the campaign, the Cathedral is poised to complete repair work on the estimated $38 million in damage caused by the 2011 earthquake.

In the 11 years since the earthquake, the Cathedral has completed approximately $24 million worth of repairs. Over the next 10 years, the Cathedral will address further capital and deferred maintenance needs, including the central tower, so that we can preserve the architectural grandeur of the Cathedral, which is core to delivering the resonant and transformative experiences that are its hallmark.

It is important to note that this campaign quietly launched in 2019 and this moment marks our public invitation for all to join with us in this endeavor. The pandemic and the events of the past few years have created a sense of momentum—underscored by the urgency to meet the nation’s spiritual and emotional needs—that is moving this campaign forward with energy and purpose. No other organization can provide what we do, and through the lens of the gospel, we are uniquely positioned to offer inclusive spiritual opportunities for all who seek comfort and hope, regardless of where they are in their faith journey.

This campaign has garnered pledges in excess of $115 million thus far and will allow us to live into our mission more fully, driving greater engagement from a diverse and growing national audience. It will also allow us to continue to serve as a trusted voice of moral leadership, breaking through a cacophony of division currently facing the nation.

While this is a campaign to raise critical funds for the Cathedral, our campaign is also an opportunity to elevate our mission, expand our impact and further strengthen our Cathedral community—here in Washington, DC and across the nation. This campaign returns to our roots in which individuals from across the United States came together to build the Cathedral through gifts both small and large. Today, we welcome all individuals, whether engaging us in-person or online, to be part of this campaign, helping us to ensure long-term sustainability for the Cathedral while also, driving greater engagement from a diverse, growing audience.

The Cathedral was envisioned and built as a house of prayer for all people. When it was constructed, it was built by individuals from across the United States and through the generosity small gifts—even pennies—to create this singular space for the nation. Every gift matters and we invite all to be part of a next generation of builders through gifts, both large and small, which will allow us to:

  • Fully complete the restoration work that has been underway since the 2011 earthquake
  • Make possible the opening of the Cathedral’s new Virginia Mae Center, a fully renovated 30,000-square-foot pilgrimage and retreat center
  • Begin a major renovation of the Cathedral pipe organ which was first installed in 1938
  • Cover all operating expenses for the Cathedral over five years
  • Continue investing in the Cathedral’s digital technology and audio-visual systems within the nave

Washington National Cathedral is a singular space in the United States, but not a singular experience. Worship, music, programming (in-person and online) and its architectural grandeur are central to those experiences, as the Cathedral strengthens faith, allows for personal and collective healing and cultivates conversations to drive greater understanding. No matter how one enters through the Cathedral—including digitally—there is a resonant, transformative experience for them to engage.

The Cathedral is also a welcoming convener of individuals and communities in addressing issues of national significance. We aim to “move the needle” on racial justice and reconciliation, interfaith respect and engagement and the needs of veterans and active-duty military personnel. We are also deeply engaged on the issues of gun violence, LGBTQIA+, human rights and the preservation of democracy.

The campaign was featured in the September 25, 2022 edition of the Washington Post.

Please email any question(s) to us. We are excited to have you involved in this campaign, and we’re happy to help with any further questions.

We also invite you to view our more extensive campaign feature below!